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Maths Signposts

This document is offered to schools as a skills progression in Mathematics. Under each aspect of mathematics, it sets out identifiable signposts along the early, first, second and the beginnings third level Curriculum for Excellence continuum of experiences and outcomes.

The document is presented in two formats (with identical content). The specific rationale for each is attached to the relevant document.

This should not be seen as restrictive or overly demanding. The need for revisiting earlier experiences should not be overlooked. With this in mind, the overlap between CfE levels is intentional. Each aspect in maths is expanded in a proposed chronology but users must look to exploit links between aspects and feel able to move between them as interdisciplinary projects dictate.

Progression needs to take into account the number range within which a child can solve problems and the sophistication of the strategies used. Therefore, the Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning (SEAL) and linked progressions feature highly in the number aspects.  Support with SEAL and related progressions will be available through East Lothian’s CPD programme and supporting website  from August 2011.

There is a potential recording strip running through each document that schools may use to record/track progress as they see fit.

We hope that you will see this as “work in progress” and feel able to adapt the signposts to suit your school, class and group needs.

If you work with either version of the document in school session 2011 – 2012 and personalise it to meet you school context, please upload you final version to the cluster moderation folders on Education Exchange. A revised version of the document – taking account of feedback – will be available in August 2013.

Number Signposts August 2011

Signposts in HORIZONTAL format August 2011

Signposts in VERTICAL format August 2011ugust 2011

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