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Assessment In-Service: PLHS 18th August

Preston Lodge High School were using the in-service on Wednesday 18th August to look at Assessment in Curriculum for Excellence.

I spent the first part of the morning facilitating a number of activities designed to explore Building the Curriculum 5. You can view the presentation and outcomes from this session in the powerpoint below:

After coffee, the Preston Lodge Learning Team delivered workshops sharing the work they have been doing on Assessment. You can view some of these presentations below:

A lot of the dicussions in both sessions centred around the need to involve learners in their assessment and the challenges this poses. In one of the workshops I raised the How We Learn video from Stoneyhill Primary so I’ve embedded this below for convenience:

Thank you so much to the staff at Preston Lodge for having me in and getting involved in some fantastic discussions. And a special thanks to the Learning Team for allowing me to attend their impressive sessions.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got any comments/questions etc please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Learner engagement in assessment 2: How We Learn

The Building the Curriculum 5 summary document says that:

At its most basic, learner engagement requires teachers to share learning intentions and indicate what would constitute good measures of success. Learners also need to receive early and accurate feedback and should be given the opportunity to discuss the teacher’s assessments and their implications for future progress.

However, learner engagement should move beyond these basic requirements. Sound approaches to assessment will help learners to demonstrate what they can do. Therefore, it is appropriate to involve them in choosing and developing assessment approaches and in selecting and summarising the evidence that emerges.

This is pretty challenging stuff. BtC5 is raising the bar and saying it’s not enough to share your learning intentions and success criteria. We now need to involve pupils in the assessment process to a much greater extent. How could this work? Are the pupils up to this level of engagement? Primary 3 at our very own Stoneyhill Primary School agreed to share how they are already involved in the assessment process in the video below.

Some questions for reflection having watched the video:

  • How does the teacher involve the pupils in their assessment?
  • What are the pupils learning? What skills are they developing?
  • How is the teacher offering personalisation and choice?
  • What impact do you think this has on the pupils?
  • What impact do you think this has on the teacher?
  • How common do you think this approach is in this classroom?
  • What would be the impact if these pupils’ next teacher didn’t provide them with these opportunities?
  • How could you adapt your practice in light of this video?

A huge thank you to P3 at Stoneyhill Primary for sharing.

Streamlining Curriculum for Excellence

We’ve just discovered through the new Engage for Education website that the summaries of Building the Curriculum 3 and 5 have been published.

The Education Secretary committed to providing more support for teachers though his 10 point plan. Prepared by David Cameron and Keir Bloomer…these new materials will help to do just that, by summarising the key ideas in two of the Building the Curriculum resources. One is focused on delivering learning and teaching and the other on assessment.

Click on the images above to download the documents.