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Assessment In-Service: PLHS 18th August

Preston Lodge High School were using the in-service on Wednesday 18th August to look at Assessment in Curriculum for Excellence.

I spent the first part of the morning facilitating a number of activities designed to explore Building the Curriculum 5. You can view the presentation and outcomes from this session in the powerpoint below:

After coffee, the Preston Lodge Learning Team delivered workshops sharing the work they have been doing on Assessment. You can view some of these presentations below:

A lot of the dicussions in both sessions centred around the need to involve learners in their assessment and the challenges this poses. In one of the workshops I raised the How We Learn video from Stoneyhill Primary so I’ve embedded this below for convenience:

Thank you so much to the staff at Preston Lodge for having me in and getting involved in some fantastic discussions. And a special thanks to the Learning Team for allowing me to attend their impressive sessions.

Don’t forget, if you’ve got any comments/questions etc please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

SQA CfE NQ Development Schedule

If you’re interested in the CfE National Qualifications Development Programme you will have hopefully already seen the document below which sets out the key dates for the current and new NQs.

As a member of the CfE Qualification Design Team for Biology, I was given a different diagram which showed the key stages for the development of the new NQs in more detail. I thought that this was worth sharing here so you can see it by clicking on the image below:

If you’d like more on CfE NQ Development from the SQA, you should sign up for the CPD session on Friday 24th September at 1.30pm at the Pennypit Centre. Find out more on CPDShare or sign up here.

Secondary NQT CfE CPD: Tuesday 10th August

Thank you to the Secondary NQTs for a lively session looking at CfE on the morning of the 10th August. As promised, please find the presentation below with the outcomes of the discussions embedded:

Don’t forget to complete the gap task! Write examples of Literacy, Numeracy and Health & Well-being from your school onto the post-it notes provided and bring them to the next session on 6th September.

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

CfE Assessment In-Service: CPD Materials

Welcome back to school everyone – hope you had a great summer despite the rain!

As you know, we have three in-service days this year as one of them is our extra CfE in-service for Assessment & Moderation. So, what could you do with this extra day? Here’s a few potential resources.


Last session we put together a series of workshop activities which all relate to CfE Assessment & Moderation. These can be used to guide in-service activities. There’s lots here so the idea is that you would modify it and only use what is appropriate for your context. Download the materials as a .zip file by clicking here.

Assessment Exemplars

Some of the sessions in the above pack refer to the Assessment Exemplars on the LTS Website. These could also be used in isolation using the guides produced by LTS, or simply by staff logging on and reviewing some of the exemplars. To access the site, click here.

Building the Curriculum 5

The BtC5 documents can also be used as a CPD resource. The above workshops include these, but you could use the documents in other ways instead. Don’t forget that the new Reporting document is now available as well. You can download BtC5 here and the new Reporting document is here.

How We Learn

You could also incorporate the fantastic video from Stoneyhill Primary School below. You could perhaps watch the video and then discuss the reflective questions which follow.

Some questions for reflection having watched the video:

  • How does the teacher involve the pupils in their assessment?
  • What are the pupils learning? What skills are they developing?
  • How is the teacher offering personalisation and choice?
  • What impact do you think this has on the pupils?
  • What impact do you think this has on the teacher?
  • How common do you think this approach is in this classroom?
  • What would be the impact if these pupils’┬ánext teacher didn’t provide them with these opportunities?
  • How could you adapt your practice in light of this video?

If you need any support with anything related to any of this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!