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Labour Market Information


Building the Curriculum 3 states that all children and young people are entitled to experience opportunities to move into positive and sustained destinations beyond school. In order to assist with this, it is important that we are informed of the opportunities which are available to our children and young people. The purpose of this post is to highlight some of the information which is out there already but you may not be aware of.

East Lothian Statistics


The East Lothian Economic Development Division publish a bulletin called ‘Buzz: Developing a Modern East Lothian’. This contains lots of information regarding businesses in East Lothian and a summary of Key Economic Indicators and Labour Demand Statistics (latest below). Alternatively you can download the more detailed Labour Market Bulletin. Click here to go to the Support for Businesses Downloads page.

East Lothian Summary Labour Demand Statistics

Edinburgh Statistics

Edinburgh - Labour Market Watch Q4 2009

Obviously, many of our young people will be looking to Edinburgh for positive & sustained destinations. Edinburgh Council also provide similar information. They have Labour Demand summaries on their webpage (latest below) and they also publish a bulletin called ‘Labour Market Watch’.

Edinburgh Labour Market Information

SDS Statitistics

Skills Development Scotland publish a School Leaver Destination Return & Skills Intervention Activity Reports by region which contains lots of information regarding what happens to our school leavers. You can download the latest of these here.

SDS School Leaver Destinations East Lothian December 2009

While all of this information may have been of interest to enterprise coordinators in the past, as enterprise becomes embedded within CfE, it’s important that more of us keep any eye on this information to assist our young people make informed decisions for their futures.

TeachMeet comes to East Lothian

TeachMeet is coming to East Lothian!! It’s about time the teachers of East Lothian got together to have our own TeachMeet.

What is TeachMeet? TeachMeet is an informal gathering of teachers. The idea is to network and share ideas. Anyone can come. Anyone can present. Ideally, these presentations should be about what’s going on in classrooms. Have a look at the this great movie from BrainPop which explains it better than I can…
[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/XcgD97ampxE?rel=0" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]
What’s with the CfE tagline? TeachMeets have often focused on the use of ICT in classrooms in the past. While this is clearly important, we’d like to try and broaden the spectrum a little for our TeachMeet. We’d like to encourage presentations on any new ideas teachers have been trying out in our classrooms, whether they involve technology or not. This is why we’ve given our TeachMeet the ‘curriculumforexcellenceedition’ tag line.

When and where is it? It’s on Thursday 4th February 2010 from 6pm to 8pm at the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick.

What can I do? You can just come along and listen and chat, please sign up though. You could sign up to give a 2 minute presentation, or even a 7 minute presentation. Or, you could sponsor the event.

I hope this all makes sense, if not please give me a shout.

See you there?