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SQA CfE NQ Development Schedule

If you’re interested in the CfE National Qualifications Development Programme you will have hopefully already seen the document below which sets out the key dates for the current and new NQs.

As a member of the CfE Qualification Design Team for Biology, I was given a different diagram which showed the key stages for the development of the new NQs in more detail. I thought that this was worth sharing here so you can see it by clicking on the image below:

If you’d like more on CfE NQ Development from the SQA, you should sign up for the CPD session on Friday 24th September at 1.30pm at the Pennypit Centre. Find out more on CPDShare or sign up here.

Information on the new National Qualifications

There is more information regarding the structure of the new National Qualifications online than you might think. The Scottish Government website has an FAQ which outlines some of the¬†interesting approaches planned. Some of the highlights…

  • National Literacy and National Numeracy will use a skills profile approach rather than units. The content of the qualifications will be based on the experiences and outcomes in literacy and numeracy in Curriculum for Excellence. The qualifications will be awarded on the basis of a portfolio of learner’s work collected across a number of curriculum areas and a range of contexts of learning, life and work.
  • The literacy and numeracy qualifications will be levelled and recognised at SCQF levels 3, 4 and 5.
  • National Literacy and National Numeracy will be available from S3 onwards.
  • National 4 courses will be assessed by teachers through coursework assessment. This will draw upon skills and knowledge developed across the course to provide challenging and motivating tasks for young people and adult learners. There will be no external assessment or grading at this level, but coursework will be assessed by teachers using SQA assessments and quality assurance processes to ensure maintenance of national standards.
  • National 5 courses will be assessed by teachers through coursework assessment and by an external SQA assessment (an examination, where appropriate). The external SQA assessment will require the learner to apply and/or integrate skills, knowledge and understanding in less familiar contexts and demonstrate deeper understanding and higher level skills. The external assessment will be graded.
  • There will be a new type of unit with an increased emphasis on skills development.
  • There will be flexibility in the number of units in courses across curriculum areas and subjects.