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Just another day at school?

‘What did you do at school today son?’
‘Really? You must have done something?’
‘Well this guy came in to school from the Outdoor Learning Service. He drove us to their base in Musselburgh where we got kitted out like Arctic explorers. Then we went up into the Lammermuirs and snow-shoed up a hill called Spartelton through meter high snow drifts’
‘But did you learn anything?’
‘I learned how to snow-shoe, how to build an emergency snow shelter called a shovel-up and how to stay warm in sub-Arctic conditions’
‘So you didn’t do any school work?’
‘Well for one thing we did some Physics … I now understand that for a constant mass increasing the surface area reduces the pressure per unit area. That’s how snow shoes work. And …’
‘Ok,ok, that’s enough … can I see any pictures?’
‘Sure , just click here for a full-screen slide-show’

The 2010/11 Outdoor Education Program is out now!

Want to make the best use of the outdoors to deliver excellence in your teaching? Undertake some CPD to gain a nationally recognised outdoor adventure qualification? Or just have some fun and learn some new skills? Well … next year’s Outdoor Education Service program is out, and this time it’s all online.

If you’re a Teacher wanting to book next year’s Outdoor Teaching days or adventure activity sessions then see the For Schools pages.

If you are an ELC member of staff, or a member of the public, then see the new Staff Development pages.

Or, browse the program by the updated Calendar.

A Winter Wonderland

Looking for some ideas for what to do with the pupils in the snow once they’re back? Check out this resource from Creative STAR:

Winter Wonderland
When the snow and cold weather arrives it can be useful to have several activities ready to go which capitalise on this exciting event. The new Winter Wonderland pack contains more than 20 super ideas for learning outside the classroom on snowy days.

Photo by Uriel 1998