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Glow Refresh

Many of you will have logins for Glow, and even more will have heard of it.

We wanted to make you aware of an interesting development at Glow HQ. A Glow Refresh is underway which will add some features which many have been asking for.

The improvements included are:

  • There are 6 themes in Glow just now, 4 new ones are going to be added to give 10 in total to choose from.
  • Glow Forums – new discussion board functionality based on phpBB. This will be introduced to Glow in addition to the current discussion board functionality.
  • Blogs
  • Wikis
  • Upgrade to mail storage
  • Upgrade to portal storage
  • Upgrade to mail functionality
  • Management reporting
  • A number of smaller changes

This is a very encouraging development and we’ll let you know when the new features are added. You can read more on this on the Glow Scotland Blog or by visiting the Glow Refresh Group (requires a Glow login).

If you’re an East Lothian teacher and you want a Glow login, email David Gilmour.