Streaming video

Following Tuesday's workshop on ICT I've been looking at potential of streaming video, and extent of its current use in education. It could be used, for example, to deliver locally produced video or audio material to classrooms. This would be ideal for PLTV, where video material is being produced, but not published in an accessible way. Talked to Jim Cramb about the possibility; he's keen to explore it.

I'd like to know just what's involved, and costs, for building the infrastructure. I guess we'd need a decent PC equipped with a video card which could capture the material and also encode it for publishing via Windows Media or Realplayer. One possibility appears to be the
Osprey range, according to Ross Davis, GM, SCCtv, Seattle Community Colleges Televisionat
Streaming Media West 2004: Streaming In The University: Beyond Distance Learning . Anyone know if this is being done in the area?