Avoiding Copyright Internet material?

Wouldn't it be good if you could search out internet resources that weren't fully copyrighted, and that you could re-use or build on for educational use? The
Creative Commons Search engine lets you do just that. This search engine will help you find photos, music, text, books, educational material, and more that is free to share or build upon.

Using it, then found
http://creativecommons.org/education/. This is a good pointer to some featured Creative Commons licensed education resources, and lets you search specifically for education resources.

Background: Just installed an update to the
Firefox browser, and noticed I could add a
Creative Commons Search engine to the Search Engines listed in the navigation toolbar. (
Creative Commons enables
copyright holders to grant some of their rights to the public while retaining others through a variety of licensing and contract schemes including dedication to the
public domain or
open content licensing terms. The intention is to avoid the problems current
copyright laws create for the sharing of
information. )