Try this computer-based Exc-el training

New members of the Exc-el community usually get a "first steps" guide by email to get them started. But there's no doubt it's much better if you can sit with them and show them what's involved. Also, showing people what's involved often seems to overcome any fear that it might be difficult.

This week I found out about
Wink (see earlier blogs), and have used it to start work on a prototype computer-based training thingy (using Flash animation) to show what's involved in creating a blog entry. Current work-in-progress file is at . (Temporary link, may be removed) I'd appreciate your feedback. Does this look helpful? What changes would you make? Could it be improved? This one's 12MB in size, so is only viable if you've got decent broadband. I'm thinking a lite version might be good for people on dial-up – or having to suffer school-style internet access…