Contributor Login: going straight to what you want to edit

The need to navigate the Content Structure wastes time if you only ever update one area. Why can't you go straight there, in the way that you can set your Home Page for web browsing?

Checked this out today as I'm setting up access for a new group of Enterprise co-ord in the schools to update their school's Enterprise pages. Turns out it appears to be easy to do – initial tests have been successful.

The key is the URL structure in eZpublish. The normal URL for this blog, for example, is:

That URL displays the blog in the normal user interface – the public web site. But when I'm using the admin interface, I see a different URL (main is replaced with main_admin). Try clicking on it and you'll be prompted to login – then taken to the admin screen view of my blog.

This means we can provide contributors with a direct route to the content they maintain. Options include sending them the URL, which they could store as a favourite in their browsers. But a better way, I think, is to put a hyperlink called Editor Login on the appropriate folder – that way it's available whatever PC they're using. I'm trying that now for the Enterprise editors, just putting the Editor Login down at the very bottom of the page.