Exc-el has moved house

Exc-el has now grown up and gone off to live on its own. It lives on its own server now, instead of sharing a home with lots of other little web sites. This is a common stage in the growth of a web site. The benefits of doing this include:

  • Improved performance: The performance of our shared server was sometimes slow, and this was off-putting for contributors.
  • More storage capacity: Additional space was needed for additional applications such as WordPress blogs.
  • More flexibility: We are much less constrained in what we can do as we now have more control of the server software.

The changeover took place over the weekend, and I've been working to resolve teething problems yesterday and today. I was having difficulty logging in, which I seem to have fixed by increasing a server time-out setting. I've been able to see from log files that some other people – sorry, can't tell who – have been hitting the same problem.

Please test out everything, and let me know either by
email or by leaving a comment here if you notice anything that's not working as you'd expect.