Exc-el site changes start…

This is going to be shorter than it was -I've just lost version 1 after getting a worm protection pop-up message!

Today we've put a new
Home Page in place, with menu options for the
main Exc-el site and (less prominently) for
WordPress Multi-User (WPMU) testing . By using a piece of code from the WordPress forum, we've been able to get both eZpublish and WPMU running.

That's the good news, but testing this morning showed that a bit more work is required.. I guess it was a bit optimistic to hope that the WordPress forum code would fix it (WPMU makes use of URL rewriting for the blog names)… but if it worked, it would have saved a lot of time. Spent this afternoon getting up to speed on the
"voodoo" command syntax , and it's now starting to make some sense. Now I know how Alan will be feeling
learning Polish . We can get a log of everything it's doing, so it's all do-able, just tedious. Still worth it, though, to get elegant – and easy to use and remember – blog URIs like blogname.exc-el.org.uk and not blogname.exc-el.org.uk/wordpress, for example.

Met with Ewan on Skype to discuss development of the site. This is just such a useful tool – perhaps we should consider a pilot of Skype on some school PCs? I see that Vicki Davis has an
intro to the use of Skype in the classroom , aimed at new users, on her
Cool Cat Teacher blog. What do you think?