WordPress is working

WordPress Multi-User is now working here
https://www.edubuzz.org/blogs. Testing yesterday didn't identify any problems, so we'll be starting to migrate
existing blogs over the next week or so.

East Lothian learners – including teachers, students, support staff and parents – wanting a new Exc-el Edublog there can sign up

If you've got an existing Exc-el blog why not sign up and have a play? The blog names will look like this: https://www.edubuzz.org/yourblogname. Ideally the name should relate to what your blog's about, and be memorable, if it's to help build up your audience. Don't abruptly stop your existing blog, though. It's important that your audience are told what's happening, and get the information they'll need to change any feed subscriptions they may have. At the very least, your last post in the old blog should:

  • provide a link to the new blog
  • make it easy for people to subscribe to the new RSS feed

We'll be helping you with this process as part of the migration.