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Image of Learning Journals bookI had a look through Jennifer Moon’s book Learning Journals while in a bookshop at the weekend. For some reason, it hadn’t occurred to me that anyone might have written such a book. (I guess they hadn’t: it sounded like she’d written it to plug the gap.) The thing that really struck me about it, knowing what I do about blogs, is the extent to which blogs could support the various kinds of activities described in the book – see Amazon synopsis below.


Fully updated with important new theory and practical material, this second edition of “Learning Journals” offers guidance on keeping and using journals and gives step-by-step advice on integrating journal writing on taught courses, in training and professional development, and in supporting personal development planning (PDP) activities. Key topics covered include: the nature of learning journals and how we learn from them; the broad range of uses of learning journals, including portfolios, and personal and professional development; the depth and quality of reflection in learning journals; the assessment of learning journals and reflective writing; and the use of narrative and story-telling techniques in journals. With useful exercises and activities that enhance learning journal work in a structured manner, “Learning Journals” is invaluable reading for teachers and students in higher education, for all professionals, particularly those working in the health services and business and training, and for all those who want to learn more about keeping a fulfilling personal journal.

At £22 it’s not cheap – it had to go back on the shelf at the time! – but is an excellent resource if you’re wanting to explore the potential role of blogs in learning. Blogs get a mention as being important, and being expected to have a growing future role. If you bring a good knowledge of blogging possibilities to the book, though, you’ll be overwhelmed with ideas! Just hope I get some book tokens for my birthday…



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  1. Thanks Alan. I saw the book in Ottakars in East Kilbride but have never seen it since. I think I’ll borrow a copy and get a second opinion on whether it would be a useful addition to school libraries.

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