Tagging time for new curriculum resources?

Climate change impact Today’s Stern Review on Climate Change includes this really powerful graphic as part of the slides for launch. This topic is important already within subjects such as geography and science, and has huge potential value as an alternative curriculum resource. Maybe it’s time to start tagging stuff that’s clearly useful for cross-curricular projects? The sheer volume of web resources is so high, anything that helps separate out the really good material could save teachers and students a lot of time. For example, I’ve tagged this in del.icio.us with the tags climatechange, impact, education, resource and graphic – and included some words to point people to the graphic:

  1. PDF file of Sir Nicholas SternĀ“s presentation

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    Slide 2, Projected Impacts of Climate Change, is a great graphic showing effect on food, water, ecosystems, extreme weather events and irreversible change risk of global teperature changes of up to 5 Deg C.

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