Anti-spam measures

Today I’ve installed Dr Dave’s Spam Karma 2 plugin to protect against comment spam on our WordPress blogs. We’ve had a number of spam comments reported over the last week or so. This is the price of moving to a more popular blog platform, I guess. This wasn’t an issue with the eZpublish blogs, which didn’t attract spam at all.

The Spam Karma 2 plug-in is sophisticated, and judges what’s likely to be spam by using a range of factors. These include, for example.

  • Is the commenter a member of the Exc-el Edublogs community?
  • Are there a lot of hyperlinks in the comment? (often a characteristic of spam)
  • How long were they on the post before commenting?

There are many more factors. If the system gets suspicious, it may ask for a captcha to be completed.

If you’ve got an Exc-el blog and have been affected by comment spam, let me know what difference you notice. It should now be protecting all of them. There’s a huge range of settings that can be tweaked if necessary.

One thought on “Anti-spam measures”

  1. Spam-free so far, David – in contrast to my home email account which receives well over 100 per day. I used to like Spam Korma but failing taste buds have encouraged me to raise my game to Madras.

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