Autistic bloggers

At Ollie‘s invitation, I set up a couple of blogs for two autistic S1 students at Musselburgh Grammar School. Today was their chance to get started, and I was interested to see how things went. How would they get on with WordPress? Would there be some difficulties we hadn’t foreseen?

We needn’t have worried. Both students jumped right in, and enthusiastically set about writing about their particular interests. Fraser did a detailed post, from memory, on his favourite car.

The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest road car on the planet at 407.5km/hr (253.something mph). It has a 16 cylinder,8 litre,4 turbo engine producing 1001 horsepower (10 family cars). Edit:Link

Before long, the post was illustrated with an image. The other student, Craig, started writing about his hobby, birds, and started by creating a page about the Oystercatcher. (Edit: Link) We finished up by showing them how to comment on each others blogs.

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