Exc-el blogs: Flickrspinnr widget plugged in

If you’re an Exc-el blogger using a widget-friendly presentation theme, you can now use Headzoo’s Flickrspinnr plug-in. It creates a spinning cube using Flickr photos, which is a good attention-getter!

Flickr Spinnr is a free WordPress plugin that displays your Flickr images on a Flash powered rotating 3D cube. You can select the Flickr account to use, and even photos with specific tags. Flickr Spinnr is Sidebar Widgets compatible, and now includes a stand alone mode that lets you use it on any website, not just a WordPress powered website.

There’s a demo on the Headzoo site, and (if you’re reading this via RSS!) there’s a demo on this blog. Thanks to Ollie for the idea. The demo photos are from his photostream, selected using the mgs tag.