WordPress: Google Analytics Plug-in installed

Robert Jones has enthused before about Google Analytics. He includes a screenshot.

At that time you needed to put a bit of code into your blog, which put it out of easy reach of Exc-el bloggers.

If you’ve an Exc-el blog, things have now become easier. Log in to your blog, head for the Plugins menu and activate the Google Analytics Plugin. You’ll need to register with Google Analytics, tell that your blog’s full URL, and get a User Account code. (It’ll look like UA-123456-7, and is in amongst the HTML snippet from Google.)

This awesome resource will enable students to see quite clearly what country their visitors are from (geography, modern studies…), which parts of the blog are popular (literacy, marketing, art, design,..) and also gather statistics for everything from pages read to links clicked (maths, numeracy, information handling…). There’s a lot of potential for collaborative work.

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