Enabling WordPress themes on a blog-by-blog basis

A new discovery as a result of Monday’s research: WordPress themes can be enabled on a blog-by-blog basis, as well as site-wide. So what? This is significant because it means we can take an existing theme and customise it to meet the specific needs of an individual learner or school blog without those changes affecting anyone else.

Andreas themeFor example, if a school wanted to use a theme which includes its own header image, but wanted to replace the image with a picture of the school, that can be done – even if the theme’s options don’t provide for user customisation. The resulting modified theme can then be made available only to that school’s blog, or to all bloggers at the school.

There’s more to it than this, as it also means a whole range of design and layout possibilities become feasible with WPMU that I’d thought would be impractical.

(For any WPMU admins: the way it’s done is via Site Admin / Blogs / Edit – quite separate from Site Admin / Themes.)

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