Exc-el blogs: WordPress Flickr widget removed

This widget, from http://donncha.wordpress.com/flickr-widget/, has had to be removed as it hasn’t proved “user-proof”. If activated before the Sidebar Widgets Plugin is activated, we found that the blog would become unusable, displaying a blank screen.

System admins: The fix is to remove the plugin from the web server widgets directory /blogs/wp-content/plugins/widgets, then go to the now-accessible blog. This automatically de-activates the plugin for that blog. The plugin can then be put back – if you still want it. Because this requires FTP access to the web server, it’s not fixable by a student, or even a WordPress administrator – just what you don’t need in a classroom situation!

More details in the Education ICT News blog here.

2 thoughts on “Exc-el blogs: WordPress Flickr widget removed”

  1. It was always going to be a problem and it’s probably best to shelf it and find something else later (and there *will* be something else 😉 Thanks for keeping us informed. Have you checked your Spam karma inbox btw? I was seeing reports of it eating legit comments on other blogs (not Exc-el ones, of course!)

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