WordPress: anotherFlickr Plugin

Thanks to Luke, who replied to my post on the Education ICT News blog about removing an earlier Flickr Plugin. I’ve now installed his one. Here’s what he says about it:

I finished up with the first version of my Flickr wordpress plugin. See the sidebar for a demo. It uses ajax to load in a variable number of pictures from a user’s entire library of photos or from a specific photoset. The images are displayed using lightbox (included in download), and are then linked to the original flickr photopage. The images displayed can be displayed in chronological or random order. Feedback is welcome.

You can see anotherFlickr in action in the sidebar of Luke’s blog here.

We’ll see how people get on with this. Any Flickr-using volunteers feel like giving it a try? I’m having password trouble and can’t get in. I blame the Flickr/Yahoo thing… I’m acquiring too many Yahoo IDs 🙁