New Exc-el-wide Recent Posts widget

Any Exc-el blogger can now display the latest posts from the whole Exc-el blog system. All they need is a Sidebar Widget-friendly theme. (You can check themes for widget-friendliness here.)

It’s done with Skcsknathan001‘s WPMU-Recent-Posts widget.

You can currently see it working in the right sidebar of this eduBuzz pilot blog.

WPMU Site Admin / Blogs: you *can* sort the list

WordPress iconI continue to be surprised at wonderful features of WordPress multi-user that I’ve never noticed. Says something about my powers of observation, I suppose.

After months of clicking Next Blogs repeatedly to get to the end of the list of blogs (in Site Admin / Blogs), I’ve now noticed – after pressure from Robert Whiteside to find a better way – that the column headers in the list display are links. Continue reading WPMU Site Admin / Blogs: you *can* sort the list

WPMU Themes: When is a comment not a comment?

This is a gotcha for you if you’re following us down the host-your-own WPMU road, and have preconceived ideas about comments in program scripts.
If you’re with me so far, you’ve already seen that we can customise a theme, say to include a school photo in the header. Then we can limit use of our customised theme, say to individual bloggers in that school.

But how do we make that newly-customised theme appear under a customised name? Continue reading WPMU Themes: When is a comment not a comment?