5 thoughts on “New Exc-el-wide Recent Posts widget”

  1. Thanks for the positive feedback. One improvement I need to make is to change the default title, which is currently ADA RECENT POSTS. Not exactly helpful, although it can be changed using the widget’s config button.

    I’ll aim to build it in as you suggest.

    Next step is to come up with a way of displaying some snippets of the posts. I want visitors to be able to sample the “buzz” going on, as if they were walking into a room and overhearing snippets of conversations they can join. So far, they can see who’s talking, but not what they’re saying… maybe there’s a parallel with when you first arrive and you can see who’s talking, but you’re not near enough to hear?

    For true authenticity, of course, I should maybe have a loud bore at the top, with all POSTS IN CAPS?

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