WPMU Site Admin / Blogs: you *can* sort the list

WordPress iconI continue to be surprised at wonderful features of WordPress multi-user that I’ve never noticed. Says something about my powers of observation, I suppose.

After months of clicking Next Blogs repeatedly to get to the end of the list of blogs (in Site Admin / Blogs), I’ve now noticed – after pressure from Robert Whiteside to find a better way – that the column headers in the list display are links. Click ID, for example, and you toggle between a list sorted by ascending and descending blog ID number. Wonderful! The same thing works for columns such as Last Updated, Registered and Blog Name, and for the columns in the Users list – a great help in day-to-day maintenance.

From the educational viewpoint, this provides an easy way to sort blogs by “Last updated” date. This could be useful in targetting support to people perhaps having trouble getting started.

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