Surf the Exc-el blog feeds with Grazr

Grazr demoWith Grazr we can let users surf the Exc-el blog feeds. I’ve made a mock-up, based on every blog in the Exc-el WPMU site. You can try it here.

Grazr usually appears as a little feedreader-like widget that can be embedded in a blog sidebar, and

  • can be expanded to full-window size, as in the photo
  • offers 3 views: a 3-panel display, as shown, a list or a slider
  • via a full range of code snippets, embedded into WordPress sidebars, posts – or other blogs

Visit the Grazr URL to get code snippets to use it yourself. You can post a badge like this, for example:Open Grazr

I’ve used this capability to create a Flake in PageFlakes. You can see the Flake in the explore all eduBuzz blogs page which Ewan and I have been trying out. (Click Edit on that Flake, and you can get the HTML snippet behind the Flake for use on your own blog or web page if you want)

update: PageFlakes page not working -sorry – not sure why

3 thoughts on “Surf the Exc-el blog feeds with Grazr”

  1. Groovy! This and the recent-posts widget will make a real difference to the flow of information.

    These two tools taken together are not a million miles way from what we are trying to do on a national scale with We just have things the other way round than you – full rss-reader style content in the recent-posts section and post titles only in the blog lists.

    The more tools like this the community has at its disposal the better I say 🙂

  2. I don’t know why it’s not working either. Ole from Pageflakes is in San Francisco so we’ll try to catch each other when we’re not about to sleep/wake up tomorrow to get to the bottom of it 😉

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