On-screen editor upgrade

If you’re an Exc-el blogger, you may notice the on-screen editor has changed.

You can now do subscriptslikethis and superscriptslike this as well as use coloured text and highlighting. There’s also a custom character button which provides, amongst other things:

  • maths symbols (¼, ½, ¾, ?, ?, ? etc)
  • language symbols ( ç, è, é etc)

These new features that were included with the Anarchy Media Player but have just been enabled by changing the Anarchy config file. These features clearly increase the usefulness of the editor for many students, and maybe even add a bit of fun too. Hopefully the more complicated looking editor toolbar won’t cause any difficulties for our youngest bloggers. Feedback on this would be appreciated.

This was part of trying to solve a problem for Alan Coady with the upload of music files. We learned from that exercise that Anarchy doesn’t appear to handle AAC files, although in many other situations they seem to be interchangeable with mp3. We converted Alan’s AAC file to mp3 using iTunes, but the end product still wouldn’t play in a blog post. Opening that with Audacity, then saving a new mp3 file, finally produced a file that Anarchy played happily.

Eventually this should lead to having special editor buttons to enable easy embedding of Google video, for example, in blog posts. Once we work out why they’re not appearing yet…