Inter-authority web support for Curriculum for Excellence (ACfE)

Click to open a larger version of this image in your browser There’s now a prototype web site to support inter-authority work on A Curriculum for Excellence. We’d appreciate feedback on it.

This site, which is based on an Exc-el blog, is is the first step towards building web support tools to help Scottish Borders, Midlothian and East Lothian local education authorities collaborate on new curriculum development.

The basic idea is to develop that site as a “big picture” entry point which enables visitors to find out about, and engage with, ACfE developments at inter-authority level. It provides links and information to put the work into context and to provide an overview of what’s happening. Because comments are enabled on every Page and Post visitors can contribute their perspectives. There’s also an Event Calendar.

Visitors can then easily browse, click through to, and engage with more detailed information on individual pieces of the picture. An example you can look at just now is the Active Learning Partnerships project page from Preston Lodge High’s Althernative Curriculum project. There you’ll see summary paragraphs being fed from the main ALPs project blog.

Feedback on this site would be welcome. It’s currently operating in “Stealth mode“, so shouldn’t yet be picked up by search engines such as Google and Technorati, and isn’t appearing in the “Latest Post” lists on the eduBuzz blog.

3 thoughts on “Inter-authority web support for Curriculum for Excellence (ACfE)”

  1. I think this is a great initiative and that, if all of the partners feel like collaborating, it will become valuable for those on the fringes of the decision-making.

    One thing that might be worth considering is whether this is or is not part of the eduBuzz community. If it is, then there should be a prominent link back to the site. If that would remove ownership from the other LA partners, though, then it obviously would be less beneficial in the long term success of the blog.

    What do you reckon?

  2. All I’ve done so far is mentioned in the About Page that it’s hosted on the Exc-el / eduBuzz blog service. Maybe providing a link back, to say the Explore page, would help people get an idea of what else is possible, and help encourage development of additional sites around specific developments? OK, it needs improved!

  3. I’m very impressed. This has tremendous potential to act as a linking point for many related developments.

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