Is your software update genuine?

I know I’m not getting any younger, but even I can remember that I bought my PC new. Unless Mr Dell has been up to something, the copy of Microsoft Windows XP on it couldn’t be any more genuine. So why on earth does Microsoft think I would want to install additional, unnecessary software on it to check?

Just about every day now I’m being pestered with a notification to tell me that there are updates ready for my computer. That’s a mechanism I’m happy to accept for genuine operating system patches. But on checking the nature of the update, I find it’s not an update at all – it’s an additional piece of software to perform a job I don’t need done. Here’s the description:

Size: 1.2 MB

The Windows Genuine Advantage Notification tool notifies you if your copy of Windows is not genuine. If your system is found to be a non-genuine, the tool will help you obtain a licensed copy of Windows.

More information for this update can be found at

I’m not sure why I find this quite so annoying. Some possible reasons: Continue reading Is your software update genuine?