Student Quotes Work Well on Yester P7’s Benmore Blog

Yester Benmore blogYester’s P7 class, on last week’s trip to Benmore, provide a good model for how to get the student’s voices onto the blog without too much time being lost to blogging. They used short quotes from many pupils, which went down very well indeed with their audience.

We’ve already seen from Law Primary P7’s Loch Insh trip that regular blog posts can be hugely popular with those left behind. Their first post from Loch Insh got 69 comments, for example.

Evidence is building up that this wasn’t a one-off. Longniddry Primary, for example, have successfully blogged trips from Ardmay and from Barga in Italy.

Today I noticed some exceptional feedback on the Yester P7 blog which I thought worth pulling together. Michael Purves and Lucinda Stuart did alternate posts of photos and news. Each “news” post included quotes from large numbers of pupils. This post, for example, Benmore, Day 2- Tuesday 22nd May, includes 20 pupil comments. Maybe this way of including contributions from such a large number of the pupils was a factor?
Here are some extracts from comments left which relate to the blog.

  • … Huge thanks to Mr P and Miss S for giving you all such a great time.We love the blog!link
  • … Well done p7 it has been an absoloute treat to read every day what you’ve been up to. My evenings are going to seem empty now without your blog to read. … link
  • … It is obvious what a fantastic time you have had and how much you have all enjoyed it. We hope you mutts all appreciate what a great school Yester is and how lucky you are to have great teachers also. A massive thank you to Mr P and Ms S for keeping us all in touch. … link
  • Thanks from us too to Mr Purves and Miss Stuart for the fantastic blog, which we’ve enjoyed tremendously – you’re going to have to do a Benmore Blog every year from now on!!link
  • Great to feel so involved with what is going on at Benmore. You get a real flavour of the experience and the photos are excellent. I agree with others – the Benmore Blog must become a regular feature. With children in P7 this year and last I feel I understand what it is all about whereas last year the stories trickled out when everyone had returned.
  • Thank you so much Mr Purves and Miss Stuart for all your hard work on the Blog. I know it has been most appreciated by all P7 parents. … link
  • Its been great to read all about your exploits. It seems everyone has had a great time. It’s really good know that you are all safe and well and happy. The blog really is worthwhile, keep it up!link
  • … The ropes look really scary – I don’t think I’d like to go up there…. but never mind all the death defying stunts – your challenge for tomorrow is to smile in one of the pictures!! … link
  • Blog and photos are fantastic – a great idea!... link
  • Having the blog to look at you every day has been wonderful, we feel we have shared in the joy of the experience with you
  • … It sounds like you are having a ball.Great blog Mr P,we love it!!!link
  • blog is great mr purves!!
  • Gorebridge primary are at dounans and are jealous that they dont have a blog set up!! anyway look forward to reading more on the blog take care … link
  • We soooooooooo look forward to catching up on your blog every day – it is really great and TOP MARKS to Mr Purves fo his efforts. It makes us feel like we are joining in and we can’t wait to see the photos later…. link
  • … Hello everyone, hope you’re all having a great time and well done on the great blog! Looking forward to the next instalmentlink
  • Hi Jack, It’s great to get an update on your day. We saw your orange arm sticking out of the water – hardly a surprise to see that you were one of the first to get totally wet! Have a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing more of what you have been up to. Who says your mum is a technophobe?… link

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