New interface

I’ve now started work on developing a new front-end for the eduBuzz home page. Plan is to make up something that’s learner-centred and suitable for use as a replacement “home page” for school computers.

This has meant scrabbling up a couple of learning curves (XHTML, CSS…) so it’s my turn to be a learner – again. With this kind of stuff, the most powerful learning experiences are definitely the bits where you think you’ve done the right thing; your attempt doesn’t work, and the fact that it fails doesn’t make sense.

Maybe it’s just that those are the occasions when you’re faced with clear feedback of the gap between where you are, and where you yourself want to be? And to think the computer doesn’t know anything about WALT or WILF….

If you’ve ideas for the sort of things you think the home page should provide, please leave a comment.

eduBuzz server trouble

Now that school term is over, at least in East Lothian, this afternoon we hit the first technical problems in a long time. Apologies if you’ve been affected by that. Anyone trying to access the site would have seen a WordPress “can’t connect to database” error.

The eduBuzz web server ground almost completely to a halt, and a call had to be raised with the ISP  All now seems back to normal, so hopefully the fault has been identified and fixed: I haven’t heard back yet. Fingers crossed…