Normal service is resuming…

Right, that’s hols over. Seems like a good idea to do a quick post – I figure it might help get me back up to speed.

Main things on the go just now:

  • Changes to the front-end – I was working on this before going on leave, and it’s top priority. We’re aiming for a more attractive, student-friendly look which makes it easier to engage with the edubuzz community.
  • Planning for probationer training day on Tuesday 14th August. This will introduce probationers to the way ICT is being used in East Lothian, and will include a session on the use of edubuzz blogs.

Inevitably, getting on with site redevelopment means other things having to take a back seat. It would be easy to spend the entire break on support work, but I can’t afford the time for that. If you’ve anything needing done, though, let me know and we’ll sort something out.

Also, I’m looking forward to reading a 14-page leaflet “The Critical Skills Programme & A Curriculum for Excellence” which has arrived from Colin Weatherley, Critical Skills Programme Manager.

csp logoAfter seeing CSP demonstrated to Stephen Heppell by Kathy McGrane’s P7 class at Gullane Primary last term I’d gone looking to understand it. (Ewan McIntosh blogged the Gullane visit here.) The Critical Skills Programme web site told me – somewhere, sorry can’t find where! – that a copy of this leaflet had been sent to every school. The leaflet looks like it’s going to be a great help.