Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce Education Policy Group relaunched

Today the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce relaunched its Education Policy Group which I attended today on behalf of East Lothian Education. The group is now chaired by the Principal of Edinburgh’s Telford College, and includes members from a range of organisations including SQA.

This group was started last year to try to help address a problem perceived by Chamber members of lack of uptake of Science, Maths and Modern Languages subjects.

Our contribution has included sending students from Preston Lodge, with Barry Smith and Elizabeth Douglas, to give their views. Members today pointed out that the sessions attended by school students had been amongst the most useful sessions.

The group are enthusiastic about making a difference, and could potentially help achieve one of the Principles for A Curriculum for Excellence, that of Relevance:

Children should understand the purposes of their activities. They should see the value of what they are learning and its relevance to their lives, present and future.