Parental Involvement starting to tip?

A couple of events over the past few days, each a new milestone in parental involvement, which together are giving me a sense that a corner is being turned:

  • a parent joined school staff at Dunbar Primary for an in-service session on web publishing
  • another parent got in touch to ask if parents were welcome to attend the eduBuzz open meetings

The one who attended the in-service session was particularly interested in helping the Parent Council get on the web, and has since done a wonderful job over the weekend of developing a new Dunbar Primary School Parents blog, including a beautiful bespoke graphic header.

Dunbar Primary Parents banner

Welcome to the new website dedicated to the parents and carers of pupils at Dunbar Primary School! This site is currently under development, but feel free to browse what we have here so far and leave a few comments.

It’s in development, but the site is active and he’d welcome feedback. Why not have a look?

And of course the Open Meetings are open to parents, so an invite has been sent.