Pupil participation in secondaries – could the web help?


Via LTS Daily News today: The Scottish Consumer Council has issued a new survey report (pdf, 4pages) which shows that, although things are slowly improving, secondary pupils often still don’t have enough say in decisions that affect them.

Secondary school pupils were also critical of the amount that schools consult them with only one in eight secondary school students reporting that their schools consult them regularly on issues affecting them.

The focus is on Pupil Councils as the mechanism for involving pupils in decision-making. But it doesn’t recognise that the concept of Pupil Councils is based on the idea that it’s not practical to listen to the voice of large numbers of students. The web changes that, and could enable radical improvements, but this opportunity isn’t recognised in the paper. Instead the proposal is just to deal with current inconsistencies.

“We believe that the Scottish Government should convene a working group to develop guidance on pupil participation to ensure consistent standards across Scottish schools.

I’d like to support some Pupil Councils to exploit the web in their school to give more pupils much more of a voice. Any volunteers?

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