A new look for www.edubuzz.org

The www.edubuzz.org home page has been given a new look to make it easier for people to explore the site.

There are still some loose ends to tidy up, but in keeping with the “release early, release often” philosophy, it’s time to give it a try and start listening to the feedback.

This version builds on the feedback from the last prototype. That showed that providing some pointers to help visitors start exploring was well received. That version, though, was built during the summer break but proved too complex to be sustainable under the pressures of term-time workloads.

The new version is simpler, but provides more information. It’s completely blog-based, with no bespoke code other than a customised WordPress theme, modified using standard template tags. That means maintenance can be shared, so volunteers are welcome to contribute.

Current features include:

There’s still more work to do, such as:

  • lists of project blogs
  • lists of support department blogs

Feedback welcome.

2 thoughts on “A new look for www.edubuzz.org”

  1. It looks good David. Will comment more once I have used it more. Only one thing…the banner at top is not very clear – could be sharper i.e. the logo and the image of the blogs look out of focus on my screen, and as its the main portal…so first impressions..? Is it possible to make them higher resolution without effecting load time?

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