Welcome at Do Not Call it a Blog!

Just had the odd experience, while checking for WPMU news, of finding this “What if…?” post which describes a future vision that’s not a million miles from describing East Lothian’s edubuzz community.

Welcome at Do Not Call it a Blog!
What if we didn’t understand what we do in education with blogs as “blogging” but as a quick and easy way to publish online within a learning community? Or a place to feature a portfolio of students’ best work? Or a site where professors and staff track their professional and personal development? What if we understood “campus blogging initiatives” as a community publishing platform to share, learn, and integrate various resources from around the Web into a more specific community?

4 thoughts on “Welcome at Do Not Call it a Blog!”

  1. Hi David,
    Nice link. I’ve always said that is far to early in the history of blogs to know what they are for. The possibilities are endless. As soon as someone tries to define what blogging is I think they might be missing some opportunities.

  2. Thanks John, I agree. The things that I’m find most interesting are the completely unexpected ideas that emerge, such as Holly the blogging cow! More recently, I’m really pleased to see people exploring the possibilities for inter-school work, which children just love. This week we’ve the Monster Project that has popped up at Stenton, for example.

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