Gets Easier to Use

Screenshot of the new edubuzz interfaceIt’s become even easier to get publishing on following today’s upgrade to Version 1.5.1 of its WordPress MU software.

The interface redesign is the result of a lot of work by the WordPress community, including extensive usability testing. First impressions are good, but we’ll need to do some checks to see how students and staff react. Some differences bloggers will notice:

  • a more up-to-date appearance
  • a new arrangement for adding media
  • the confusing term “slug” has been replaced with Permalink:…/ Edit
  • a full-screen editor facility has been added
  • “Timestamp” has been replaced with Publish immediately…/Edit

Testing is still under way, but so far at least things seem to be going well.  An existing bug with creation of new blogs, which was leading to login difficulties under Internet Explorer, has also been fixed with this update, although a few existing faulty blogs still need to be fixed.

Update:  There’s an issue with inserting images in posts. I’ve encountered it under Firefox, but have found it’s working OK under Internet Explorer 7. Thought things were going too well…

3 thoughts on “ Gets Easier to Use”

  1. hi – is it just me or have some plugins ‘gone missing’ (e.g. Events Calendar and RockYou facilities) ? Similarly, even when the Democracy plugin is activated, no widget is available to use. And under the Comments tab, none appear.

    Apart from that, I quite the new interface – thanks!

  2. Thanks Ewan, you’re right. The Anarchy media player is currently not installed, which will be what’s breaking RockYou. I left it out initially while I checked whether it was compatible with the new version of WPMU, and should have known, holidays or not, that it wouldn’t be long till someone noticed. (And Calum Stewart phoned me earlier about it too.) Will fix that later today, and check the others.

    I also have noticed the comments problem, so will be having a look at that as soon as I can. It may indicate that our current comment spam system isn’t living happily with the upgraded version. I plan to change it anyway, just letting the new WPMU version bed down first.

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