I’ve been teaching Science and Maths for about 2 years now, after a career in industry. I worked latterly in corporate information systems and information technology strategy, and am excited by the opportunities presented by new web technologies not just to support existing education processes, but to enable new approaches more in tune with the principles of A Curriculum For Excellence. I’ve been supporting Exc-el too, and am currently working with East Lothian’s Education ICT team to build the technology and skills infrastructure needed for East Lothian learners to get the maximum benefit from the web.

If you want to know some more of my background, a brief CV is here.

Please get in touch if you want to have a chat about Exc-el.

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  1. To David Gilmour:
    Don Fought here from Southeast Middle School in NC, USA. I have been working with Elizabeth Hull at Ross High School to begin a cultural exchange partnership. Two things I had mentioned to her that we have found valuable are: a) the use of the Internet Site schooltube.com. After much study we have found it safe, secure, reliable and well accepted by educators and schools. It makes an ideal venue for posting videos especially ones that we exchange with others in locations outside of our school district. I mentioned to Ms. Hull that she should investigate; b) we have now started limited video conferencing using the H.323 format, but without the usual high cost of equipment (like Tanberg). We use Polycom PVX software which is perfect for a laptop or desk PC and very affordable, we use a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 webcam with built-in microphone which with the PVX built-in echo supression gives us excellent video and audio and we project using either a standard monitor, flat screen TV or LCD projector. We have used this with conferences with classrooms in France and with Distance Learning events with locations here in USA (such as a live session with Museums). I had suggested to Ms. Hull that you should look into such a setup for use with our cultural exchange partnership. We did he software and webcam for under $200 USA$. Feel free to contact me.
    Sincerely, Don Fought

  2. Hi,

    I was looking for your contact details to send over news of a story. Can you help?


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