PodPress now installed

At Ollie’s request I’ve installed the PodPress plugin. It looks like it’s working OK, all I need now are some testers. Feedback appreciated. Of course, I’m not expecting us to be able to make full use of this until the school network upgrade is completed. Might be a good time now, though, to have a play.

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Digital recorder for every school’s web toolkit?

Why would schools need yet another bit of ICT kit? With laptops, PCs and cheap MP3 player /digital recorders like iRiver’s T30 and even mobile phones all capable of recording podcast sound, we don’t need anything else. Or do we?

Marantz PMD660A press release trawled up today by a Google News search I do on education has made me wonder. It reports on a college professor who’s using a Marantz PMD660 compact professional sound recorder to make podcasts. The benefits for school use? It can: Continue reading Digital recorder for every school’s web toolkit?