A message from the school’s Careers Adviser

In S3 you will be making important decisions about which subjects to continue with in S4. As the school’s Careers Adviser, I can help you look at how to plan for your future and how to make informed decisions.

When I am not in school you can contact me at the Skills Development Scotland Centre in Musselburgh Tel 0131 665 3120.  You can also email me at: jennifer.jones@sds.co.uk

Careers Library

You will find lots of useful information:

  • Occupations
  • Working In books
  • Prospectuses

You can also find careers information on the computers in the library.

  • Use the careers information programme Kudos
  • Access Planit for information about careers and courses on www.planitplus.net
  • Look at the Skills Development Scotland website on www.myworldofwork.co.uk  for information about subject choice and links to careers information.

Choosing subjects for S4 is not about choosing a career.  However there can be a link between school subjects and career plans.  If you have some idea about what you would like to do when you leave school you can check out what subjects may be needed.  Here are some hints which may help you make your subject choice decisions:

  • Do leave your career ideas open – you may have some ideas already but these may change
  • Do take subjects that you enjoy
  • Do take subjects you are good at
  • Do remember to take at least 2 sciences if you are interested in a scientific career or medical  career
  • Do note that a modern language at Standard Grade is a requirement for entry onto some courses at university (e.g. University of Edinburgh require this for arts, social sciences, accountancy and law degrees – check prospectuses)
  • Don’t take subjects you dislike
  • Don’t think some subjects are for girls and some are for boys
  • Don’t be influenced by your friends’ choices
  • Don’t take subjects that you find difficult – they will likely become harder in S4
  • Don’t take a subject just because you like the teacher – you may not be taught by him/her next year

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