The Disco then home :)

The Disco last night was rocking!  Big shout out to Joshua L, Kieron B, Mrs Layhe and Thomas H who had all the moves!

We had a big breakfast then hit the road back down to Dunbar.  Everyone got home safe and sound.  I’m sure they’ll all sleep well tonight, I know I definitely will.  Enjoy the Zzzzzzzz!!

See you all at school on Wednesday in house colours.

Ms Matthew B-)

I’ll put some more photos up too.


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Pupil Update – Day 4


Here are some students comments about days 3 and 4 🙂

Its Nathan :)!

When i first got to Dalguise i was really nervous but after the first few activities i was loving it 😉 I didnt get to the top of everything or complete everything but i still enjoyed it and had an awesome time. The staff were really nice and the activities were amazing, thank you to all the staff and teachers for making it the best experience possible 🙂  Love nathan 😉 x

Elly & Deonne

We have done loads of exciting and amazing activities especially the GIANT SWING! It was sooo scary but such a awesome experience! Here’s some more of the activities we have done!x

Raft Building

Tree Climb

Problem Solving and seriously loads more! Evening activities were soo fun, especially seeing Mr Stewart (Lady Dalguise) in a dress for the fun game of Cluedo!

See you tomorrow parents thanks Dalguise xx


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Dalguise Days 3 and 4 :-)

Hi Folks,

It’s been a pretty action packed last few days.  The weather has gone a bit down-hill and we’re all in for a soaking today but everyone is still up for getting involved in the activities.

The archery session yesterday was fab!  Cameron McP and Sarah H were brilliant hitting 2/3 golds in a row – rock on!!  Great encouragement from Jamie B and Joe.

The climbing activities have been a big hit with the students.  Isla S is a right wee star! She is terrified of heights and managed to get half way up the 75ft tree climb.  She had time for a second go and climbed all the way to the top.  That’s determination for you 🙂

Eli C has also outdone himself getting the highest in his group for the Jacobs Ladder.

The evening activities have also been fab – the have a go show was great – Kieron McN and his team did a brilliant job custom making a costume out of a plastic bag – Kieron then donned the costume and hit the catwalk blowing kisses to the audience.  It was hilarious! And who knew Corrie S could hula with a hula hoop??

Everyone is getting excited about the disco tonight.  Matthew S even asked for an iron for his t-shirt awwww!!

We’ll be heading up for lunch soon.  I’ll get some students to keep you posted later on.

Cya  Ms Matthew


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Dalguise Day 2 : Pupil Chat :-)

Despite the baking heat, freezing nights and irritable insects, Dalguise has proven to be a very enjoyable and hugely memorable experience. The activities are fun, the food is delicious and the atmosphere is free and pleasant.



The heat has been absolutely amazing and the insects are annoying but the activities are great I did the tree climb today which was really high and I got to the top. Some people didn’t get so far but  had another go and got there in the end, I wouldn’t be surprised it was 25 meters up a tree. I also did some problem solving which involved teamwork loads of communication and listening to each other. The problems were average some hard and some easy but my favorite was the spiderweb, you had 10 holes and we had 11 people so 1 person didn’t have to go through the hole but you had to kind of lift people up and jump through some of the high holes which involved being dropped and landing on your back. Overall it has been a good day and I have really enjoyed it.

It sounds like everyone is having a brilliant time.  We’ll be heading back up to the dorms soon for a good nights sleep.  I’m shattered!!  Catch up with you all again tomorrow and thanks for all of the comments.  Night – Ms Matthew B-)



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Dalguise: Day 2


Ms Matthew here to keep you updated on all of the goings on at Dalguise.

I’ve been working with group 11 today who totally rocked at the vertical challenge.  Louise P and Chloe T did a brilliant job rocketing to the top.  Big shout out to my belay buddy Andrew B – we bet Mr Stewart in the teacher vertical challenge – woop woop!!

We’ve not long finished lunch and are heading out for afternoon activities.  Two groups are out on the water for raft building and kayaking. I’m sure it’ll be wet and wild.

Check out the photos, when they eventually upload!  B-)


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Dalguise : Day 1 :)

We are Annie, Anna and Ciara and this is the blog for Dalguise : Day 1

This blog is to keep everyone at home in touch,

Annie : Group 9 , Today i done the Vertical challenge and mountain biking activities , I enjoyed them both but the mountain biking was quite hard because it involved going over ramps and a seesaw .

Ciara : Group 7, Today I did the tree climb (75ft) i got to the top and raft building ( i didn’t go in the water) I enjoyed the tree climb most because I reached my target and I didn’t fall!!!

Anna : Group 4, Today i did the kayak challenge, I enjoyed it, but the best part was when we all came together in a line and had to stand up, look in the water etc, i capsized 3 times and one of my friends sunk!!!

It sounds like everyone has had a brilliant day!  We’ll all sleep well tonight.

Write to you all again tomorrow night Ms Matthew 🙂

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Only 3 days to go!!

Keep track of what we’re doing at Dalguise next week by checking the blog.

Photos to follow 🙂

Ms Matthew and Ms Thrower

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