Severe Weather Work

Art and Design Snow Work s1 – s6

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S5/6 Higher 


Where possible, pupils should use their material packs and sketchbooks to:

  • work on drawings for their expresive units of work
  • practise observation drawing skills – still life, landscape or portrait.
  • create analytical drawings to enhance design research sheets.

(If you do not have access to the packs, use materials you do have access to such as pencils and colour pencils).

Art and Design Studies

Pupils should also continue with their critical tasks. If complete, write a general introduction into contemporary design in your chosen area.

S4 National 4 and National 5


Use materials you have access to at home such as pencil, colour pencil, watercolours etc; to work on drawings appropriate to your expressive research or composition ideas for your development sheet.

Practise your observation drawing skills by drawing portraits, objects, landscapes from real life.

Art and Design Studies

Choose an example of a contemporary product design (from the internet or a book at home) and write a detailed analysis on it:

  • Details (Title, date, and designer)
  • Function (What is the product designed to do?)
  • Form (Describe the product making reference to the visual elements: colour, tone, shape, form, line, texture, pattern)
  • Materials (Comment on what it is made from and the suitability of the material)
  • Process (Comment on how you think the product was made)
  • Target market (Who do you think the designer has aimed the design at and why?)
  • Success (Do you consider the design to be succeful or unsuccessful, what changes would you make?)

Repeat this for a portrait or still life of you choice (pending whether you have been studying portraits or still life with your teacher):

  • Details (Title, date, mateials used, size, current location, artist)
  • Content (Describe what you see, and where it is – the composition)
  • Visual elements (Comment on how the artist has used the visual elements and what the impact is on the overal image)
  • Process (Comment on how you think the artist created the image, include details on the application of the material)
  • Mood / Atmosphere (what is the overall mood/atmosphere created in the image, how has the artists done this?)
  • Success (Give your opinion of the image, what changes would you make?)

Remember to write lots of reasons and opinions and to justify them!



Use materials you have access to at home, such as pencils and colour pencils, to practise observation drawing.

You should focus on:

  • Portrait either using a willing model or a mirror
  • Still life objects featuring elipses such as: tea cups, bottles, glasses, bowls and vases.

Work hard to show you have considered the visual elements in your drawing (line, scale, shape, tone, form, colour, pattern and texture)

S1 and S2

Use this time to ensure that you have completed any homework due.

Use pencils to draw a a view from a window:

  • spend at least 45 minutes on the drawing
  • use at least 5 different tones (very light, light, medium, dark, very dark)
  • Consider carefully your use of line shape and scale.
  • Try to apply as many different types of marks as you can to make your drawing interesting.