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Higher Extended Response Questions and some Super Links!

It is essential that you practice Extended Response type questions before your exam.  It not only prepares you for this type of question but it brings together all of your learning!

Attached is a powerpoint with advice on how to tackle these questions:

Extended Response – How to

The SQA website can be used to access past papers and the marking instructions for these papers.  Marking Instructions go back as far as 2004 and each paper has 4 ERs on it so you have plenty to work from!


The document attached has a list of ERs you can try.

Extended Responses – List!

The document attached contains some more challenging extended response questions:

Higher Extended Response Questions – taking it further

This website is very useful – particularly for practice of multiple choice questions!


One from Mrs Layhe – this website has lots of short questions of various topics in Biology:


Good luck!