Severe Weather Work

S5/6 Accounting

Access Scholar

  1. Revise Unit 1: Finance Accounting ready for NAB.
  2. Work through Management Accounting Units 1 – 6.

S5/6 Business Management

  1. Revise Operations Core Notes.
  2. Access Scholar Activities
  3. Work through case study and interactivity from Operations through to End-of-Unit Test.

S5/6 Administration

  1. Revise Core Notes for Assessment LO1, LO2 and LO4
  2. Complete all tasks in homework booklet.

S4 Business Management

Revise folder for prelim.

Useful websites:

  1. Use “businessstudiesonline”
  2. bbc bitsize

S4 Administration

  1. Revise Folder for prelim
  2. Website – bbc bitsize
  3. Work through Past Papers from

Email me on edubuzz account with any questions.