S4: internal assessments for N5

S4 pupils: you’re working your way through the internal assessments for National 5.  The next assessment will be in Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation (or close reading).  This will be on Friday 28 February and Tuesday 4 March.

The final assessment is a piece of creative writing, based on the passage you have studied for close reading.  This will take place on Friday 7 March.

Remember to revise terms and practise questions before Friday.  Check out BBC Bitesize for helpful materials.

S4-S6 Study Support Sessions

If you need any additional study support or perhaps even some space to complete homework/revision, come along to the English Department on the days below:

Monday 1.25–1.55 in G20 (all levels) and 4 pm–5 pm in G18 (Int 2)
Tuesday 4 pm–5 pm in G19 and G21 (all levels)
Wednesday 1.25–1.55 in G18 (Nat 5)
Thursday 1.25–1.55 in G18 and G22 (all levels)

Welcome back seniors

We hope your exams went well, and that you’re up for the challenges and rewards that studying English post-16 will offer.

On the subject of rewards and challenges, what are you reading at the moment? Have you got a book on the go? Or is reading something you’ve never really enjoyed?

If you’ve made a habit of reading, great.  You’ve given yourself an instant leg-up towards success in your study of English.

If you haven’t read much recently, start NOW!  You can borrow from the school or local library, or try Amazon’s Marketplace for books you’d like to keep.  Quality newspapers will boost your vocabulary as well as broadening your outlook.  If you don’t like fiction, why not read a biography about a person you admire, or a book about your sport?

Here’s a reading list to give you some fiction ideas.  S5 and 6 Int 2 and higher Reading lists

Alternatively, ask your teacher for recommendations. We love to talk about books!