Each of us has a slightly different way of learning. Have a look at these links and see which you find the most helpful.

As well as using past papers you may also benefit from  reading your notes, making mind-maps, flashcards or teaching a friend of family member everything you know about the topic.


SQA past papers – it is very important to have experience of past paper questions before your actual exam.


The BBC bitesize website is a good resource which contains a number of good, clear diagrams.


A great Geography resource, have a look through the website:



This Coastal podcast is aimed at GCSE pupils but you might find it helpful during your own revision:


The BBC website contains a number of good resources:

Upland Limestone

Rivers and Coasts 1

Rivers and Coasts 2
Atmosphere revision from the Guardian website:

Gulf stream under threat interactive resouce

El Nino explained interactive resource

2 thoughts on “Higher”

  1. Hi Daniel

    If you hover over the Higher bar at the top of the Geography page, you’ll see the Higher Homework tab appear below. Click on that and the question is there and it says the following;

    2010 Paper 2 – Qu.1 (a) and (b) Rural Land Resources (Coasts) You’ll need to use the RLR notes for part (b).

    Hope you find it ok – let me know if you have any problems.

    Mrs H.

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