S1-S2 Learning Log

As a faculty we place a lot of value on the feedback and reflection process because unless learners know how well they are doing and how to improve then improvements won’t happen!

We strongly encourage all students to spend time every week doing some form of revision.  This could take many forms:

  • Looking over classwork jotters
  • Using revision resources posted on Google Classroom or on the website to revise a skill for 30minutes.
  • Using the learning log to plan revision activities out over the next few weeks

Every revision exercise is valuable because at the end of the day you only learn maths by doing maths!

Below is a blank version of the learning log used by S1s and S2s.  The complete booklet is still a work in progress but the current S1 booklet and the Block 4 document for S2 are linked below:

S1-2 Learning Log

Block 4 Learning Log

We strongly encourage you to take the time to discuss this with your child and plan revision time each week.