S1/S2 Course

S1/2 Course Outline


Students are organised into classes at the beginning of S1 based on excellent transition information from the primary schools.  All classes follow the same course but to varying degrees of challenge and depth as are appropriate to the learners in the class.  We organised the S1/S2 course into 6 blocks of work each containing several topics from the Maths & Numeracy curriculum.  We aim to try to keep students with the same teacher across S1 & S2 to provide continuity although sometimes this might not be possible.


We give students formal homework that we mark and provide feedback on at the end of each topic.  We also sometimes expect students to do informal homework such as looking over a topic at home prior to an assessment or in preparation for a lesson.  We really encourage parents to take an active part in their child’s homework as it can be very beneficial for the student to talk it through vocally with somebody, we therefore ask parents to sign the homework tasks in the space provided on the sheet.


At the end of each block the students sit a block test to monitor progress and receive quality feedback that will help them identify topics to consolidate as well as topics they are very good at.  We use this information as well as formative assessment information from classwork to sometimes make moves between classes if appropriate.  Sometimes students will remain in the same class but change the teacher adjusts the course they follow.  This will always be discussed with the learner and parents before it happens and is always for the benefit of the child.

Course Outline

S1 Topics

Block 1

Whole Numbers



Length & Area

Block 2

Integers (Positive & Negative Whole Numbers)



Algebra – Expressions

Block 3



Special Numbers & Sequences

Algebra – Equations


S2 Topics

Block 4

Number Consolidation – Whole Numbers, Decimals and Integers


Angles or Pythagoras’ Theorem

Weight & Conversion of Units

Block 5

Number Consolidation – Fractions & Integers


Algebra – Revision from S1 and Factorising


Block 6

Fractions, Decimals & Percentages


Trigonometry or Pythagoras’ Theorem

Ratio & Proportion